2014 San Diego Boudoir Photos

Boudoir Divas San Diego Retreat

Oh my Goodness! The last five weeks of my life have been a complete and utter blur.  Between getting ready to head to San Diego, being in San Diego, working on photos from San Diego, shooting two swimsuit campaigns, and getting ready for my upcoming  promo campaigns for Wonderland Boudoir it has been a crazy ride.  Oh yeah, did I forget to tell you that I work full time Monday-Friday in a corporate office?  I haven’t been to crossfit in about 6 weeks!!!!  *ugh* I’m going back tomorrow for the record.  Sorry Johnnie!

Yes, my nights include me staying up until 2AM and walking into work as a zombie. 

What we go through to reach our dreams, right?

Well, I have to say that I finally finished all the edits from the San Diego trip and you guys can see the work now in the portfolio section of the website! 


I want to say thank you to Kimberlee and Marissa from the Boudoir Divas for taking the time out to teach us for a whole week.  I think this was a blessing that I really needed.   I felt compelled to go to San Diego in April.  I am so happy that I did. 

I absolutely FELL IN LOVE with this city.  That says a lot because I’m not someone who believes in love at first sight.  The water was so good that I could drink it from tap!  I haven’t drunk water from tap in the last 12 years.  The air was so clean.  I honestly felt refreshed and rejuvenated while there.  I met SO MANY AMAZING business women.  Let me be honest, each attendee was great.  It honestly felt like being around a group of women you had known for years.  I know I needed to be around a group of ladies that wanted the same thing I wanted in this life.  Complete independence and being able to create art on your own under our own terms.  We all wanted to create an experience for women to feel beautiful and comfortable. 

I could go on and on, and I will in another blog where I do a complete tell all about the retreat. 

Let me tell you this, Kimberlee, Marissa, and Wes left me feeling incredibly inspired.  I have never felt more motivated and had more direction in my life.  I know I wanted to do this, but I needed someone to tell me their experience of how they did.  Seeing this successful trifecta succeed has shown the light that I can do this as well and be great at it. 

Let me not get too incredibly deep.

Thank you Kimberlee, Marissa, and Wes for taking the time out of your busy lives to show us your beautiful city and help inspire and touch a group of women who needed your guidance.  You guys showed absolutely no ego during this entire experience and It made me even more humble.


Okay, now here are some pictures!



Happy Thursday!!!!

Unless marked Wonderland Boudoir the BTS credits go to Agi M Photography and The Boudoir Divas.

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