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Sorry guys. I haven't blogged in a minute.  When I write I have to feel it from the soul.  I hate writing when it does not feel authentic or if I have to force myself to lay pen to paper.  Writing about boudoir photography in Dallas should be honest, fun, and exhilarating. 

People can read through unauthentic tone.  I'd rather write nothing than ever be unauthentic.

Another reason I was having trouble writing is that today's series was one of my favorite from 2016.  I couldn't find the words to really express why I love this particular set so much.  Now that I had a few months to think about it I think I now know why it moved me.  I was just so easy.  The whole session flowed like water running down a mountain on a cool spring morning.  My client, Ms. M, was so nonchalant and the easiest person to create this fun and beautiful art with.  It's one of the most fun times I had while shooting.  You can see why frame per frame.  

Ms. M came in because she wanted to do a sexy boudoir session for her man's birthday.  She wanted something VERY seductive, full of color, and yet still very very very fun!  

While shooting this session, something amazing came over me and I wrote about it in an Instagram post.  

"I love my new work because I feel as though it is more me. I feel like I'm finally becoming more in tune with who I am as a person. A lot of people may just see a good looking woman in lingerie, but I see ladies owning their womanhood unabashedly and being unapologetic about it. I have grown so much in just one year I can't wait to see what next year brings for my talent and skill level. I plan on working every single day to make it better. What are your goals for 2017?"



Since this year hit I have changed.  I have become more comfortable taking charge. I have been more comfortable saying what's on my mind.  I have been more comfortable with telling people exactly what I want.  I think as women, especially if you a woman of color, you are fed this narrative to not say what's on your mind because you will be seen as bossy and difficult.  While a man can be bossy society has shown us that woman can't.  However, there is a change of tide in the air.  

I have been more "Bossy".  I had to do this.  In order for me to be a great photographer and to deliver a high-quality product to my clients, I have to be straightforward on what's going to work and what's not.  Even when shooting I have been more direct.  I have to be that way because my clients are paying for a solid product.  I have been more comfortable directing the client because I have learned to be more comfortable with myself.  I have learned to have more faith and belief in what I'm creating.  This has translated in my work getting better.  In fact, I can tell things are changing because I have a 300% increase of followers on Instagram that happened in the last 90 days.  

My calendar has been steadily booked as well.  

These images were actually shot in October of 2016.  During this time I had felt the change coming.  My clients started thanking me for the direction on posing for their work.  They didn't feel nervous because I gave them detailed coaching direction.  Since then I have started feeling more authentic to the style I have always loved and been attracted to.  

Since I started understanding and living my authentic truth my photos have also reflected as well. Through my work, people can see exactly what I stand for.  My work is very modern day feminist. It is strong, unapologetically sexy, vulnerable, and evocative.  I want to show through our work together that it is the woman who defines the meaning of sexy. Not men. Not the media. Not the magazines. Women.

This is why I loved working with Ms. M.  She lives life by her own rules.  She doesn't allow outside influences get in her head.  She loves who is.  I only wish that I could share her beautiful mentality with everyone.

Another thing I loved about Ms. M is she trusted me to create a beautiful product.  She gave me full reign to create whatever I thought was going to be beautiful. This is why I fell in love with her session.  I mean... c'mon guys.  She had me write 'FUCK YOU' on her ass.  LMFAO!  How much more raw can you get than that?!  

Remember, YOU define your sexy. Women are unique characters.  This is why sexy is not a cookie cutter idea.  You create it because you are woman. 

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