How to Style Your Boudoir Session

Dallas Boudoir, How to Style Your Boudoir Session

Dallas Boudoir studio Wonderland Boudoir loves to make you feel ready for your boudoir session.  One of the most important elements of a session is your style.  What you wear to a boudoir session can make or break your photos.  Today we interviewed New York stylist Alexis Coats.  Alexis is a recent graduate of UNT.  She is also a model and a freelance stylist in New York.  Today she will speak to us about how to properly prepare your style for a beautiful and flawless boudoir session.

The Basic Principles of Style

Style is not only important in everyday life it’s important for your photos.  When preparing for your boudoir session you need to dress for your body and not for trends.  “All women should dress to their body type and not the trends that are out there… don’t risk looking your best by wearing a trend that may not be flattering on you.”  

Dallas Boudoir, How to Style a Boudoir Session, Alexis Coats

Alexis goes on to explain, “Dress for yourself and not what you see in the magazines. You don’t always have to follow every single trend.”  This is very true.  Trends are not classic looks.  They come in and out so fast is can sometimes be waste to try and keep up with every cool look out.  Take careful consideration before fully investing in a piece.  Consider how this trend works with the rest of your wardrobe and how it will fair season after season.  

Black is a color that Alexis suggest that all women keep in their closet.  Black goes with everything and when you're ever in a fashion rut you can always count on black to be a perfect base that you don’t have to think about twice.  

When it comes specifically to boudoir and lingerie you need to make sure that you wear lingerie that fits.  Alexis suggest going to get a professional fitting to get your correct bra size.  Not only will this professional fitting look better in photos it will make you feel more comfortable which will help you to be more confident in front of the camera.  

Favorite Lingerie Brands

Lingerie is an essential part of boudoir photography.  One of Alexis's favorite brands is the Aerie intimates line from Aeropostale.  Victoria’s Secret is also a great source for beautiful boudoir lingerie and can be budget friendly if you catch the right sale.  Alexis also suggested the site Adore Me.  Adore Me is a new subscription site based around the beauty of lingerie.  

When signing up for Adore Me you are first asked take a fashion quiz that helps determine the type of lingerie that best fits your style.  Once you have completed one of the easiest signs up that I have ever been through (It was literally your email and then create a password!  That’s it!)  you are taken to your showroom.  If you order within the first hour your first set is only $20!  

Just like every other subscription based site you have until the first 5 or 6 days to skip the month.  If you don’t you will be charged $40 and that will sit on your account until you use the credit.  Shipping, returns, and exchanges are all free.    

If you want to order but don’t want to do the subscription based services than you can just pay full price for the set, which is $50.  

My First Adore Me Order

Dallas Boudoir, Adore Me Showroom

Above is my first showroom with Adore Me.  I am loving all these styles! Very sexy and all are very perfect for boudoir! I ALMOST went with Lorelai!  

Dallas Boudoir, Adore Me Showroom, Lydia

For my first purchase I ended up going with a classic, Lydia.  It’s a racerback lingerie set.  I wear A LOT of racerbacks (I’m in Texas so sleeves don’t mean much down here) so I think this will work perfectly for me.  I will do a review of it when I get it in the mail… and then speak about it in real a life scenario.  


New York Fashion Week

For Fall Alexis is most excited about the ‘70’s vibe that’s hitting the streets.  She is looking forward to the bell bottoms jeans and comfortable cable knit sweaters.  The best part of this particular revival is that you can find it in just about any thrift store.  This is a great alternative if you want to be frugal while exploring this trend.  

For Spring/Summer 2016 she’s excited about seeing the ‘70’s trend blending over in this season.  Not only fashion, but beauty as well.  The ‘70’s makeup look is way understated and much more natural.

Trends that We Need to Lose

Dallas Boudoir, Less Is More, Love Yourself and Be Confident, Alexis Coats

We need to get rid of these sharpie eyebrows!  Not only that but the body modifications.  This is why Alexis is excited about the ‘70’s trend coming back.  “Less is more.  I think this is will help the younger generation accept who they are not try to be something they are not.”

Contact Alexis with any Styling Questions!

Wasn’t Alexis just great?  I have photographed Alexis as a model and a stylist a number of times.  I love her work ethic, drive, and commitment.  She’s is amazing.  If you’re looking for a wonderful stylist please contact Alexis.  She will have a site up soon!  


IG: @AlexisKCoats

FB: Alexis Coats



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