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In order for me to be a better Dallas Boudoir photographer, I have to either be constantly shooting or consistently studying the craft.  As a person, I have a huge issue when it comes to just being still.  I feel like being "still" brings complacency, and if you guys are long time followers of this blog you know complacency is something that I am not about.  

Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas, Wonderland Boudoir

After December business slowed down a tad bit. This free time allowed me to really put effort into putting together a whole boudoir session styled for myself.  It allowed me to focus on things that I need to work on.  This includes how I work with people, styling, hair, and makeup.  Downtime normally gives me the opportunity to be experimental in what I do. 

That's precisely what we did when meeting up with Aroy.  Aroy and I have been trying to work together for awhile.  Even before she officially moved to Dallas we were trying to work on something.  Finally, January arrived and I had free time. 

I am a proponent of whatever you're doing on the first of January is going to line up how your year is going to go.  Therefore I love spending my January 01st working, grinding, and networking  

I feel like each person I work with is my favorite person in the world, and Aroy was no exception.   She was just so easy to talk to, very open, and incredibly intelligent. She was just the meaning of life.  

For 2017, I am trying to get better at styling my sessions.  I hate limiting myself to typical lingerie pieces in order to create a beautifully styled session.  

I am a lover of sequin.  I have no idea why but I have always loved sequin since I was a young child.  LOL.  I know a lot of people don't like sequin because if you're not careful it can look very comical.  

Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas, Wonderland Boudoir

Since this is Texas it means that our January first was 70 degrees.  (I do not envy people in the north).  I also wanted to experiment with video as well.  By no stretch of the imagination am I a videographer, however, I do want to start making video a real thing in my work. So working with Aroy really helped with that.  

Aroy is close to 6 feet tall and VERY lean so I wanted to take on the challenge of styling her. I have a lot of clients who are worried about what to wear for a boudoir session if they are super tall. So I decided to place Aroy in this beautiful one piece lace number.  I want to say this piece was from American Apparel.  We kept is super simple with bone straight hair and simplistic posing.  

In the second look, we went a little more experimental.  You guys already know my love and appreciation for high waisted bottoms so I paired this piece with a sequin bandeau and a sequin jacket.  The sequin bandeau was purchased from Forever 21.  The jacket was a vintage thrift find from Austin.  I picked up it for right around $10.  I mean how can you say no to vintage 80's sequin jacket?  

I loved how this jacket caught the light of the sun and would just bling for the Gods.  We ended up removing the jacket and focusing on posing and facial expression by using the strength of her body to create some Vogue worthy images.  





Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas, Wonderland Boudoir
Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas, Wonderland Boudoir
Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas, Wonderland Boudoir
Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas, Wonderland Boudoir
Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas, Wonderland Boudoir
Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas, Wonderland Boudoir
Dallas Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Dallas, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas
Dallas Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Dallas, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas
Dallas Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Dallas, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas

These photos really make me want to work with fashion more and work with better quality pieces.  I plan on networking more with lingerie brands to make this happen.

In the comment section below let me know what you think of the video.  I am open to critique as I am learning more about the art of video. 

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Wonderland Boudoir x Blitz Weekly Magazine

That feeling of being published in magazines never gets old.  At least for me it doesn’t.  If you have been following me on Facebook and Instagram then you are well aware that in April I was part of a swimsuit issue campaign in Dallas with some of the top photographers in the city.  The shoot was fun and only had two rules… you had to shoot in a public place.  You could not be near any body of water. 

Challenge accepted.

For this challenge I was able to link up with two of Dallas’s most beautiful, Alexis and Eliane.  Both women stunning in their own right. Each has a different length in the modeling.  Elaine JUST graduated high school and was started out in modeling.  Born in Taiwan and coming to American at the age of 12 she loves the city.  She and I shot in Dart’s underground subway area.  As soon as we came down the never ending length of stairs and escalators she instantly lite up, “This reminds me of Taiwan!  I didn’t know Dallas had anything like this!”  I have to say that the underground Cityplace Station is one of Dallas’s best kept secrets.  The Cityplace stop is located in Uptown and is probably the cleanest subway station I have ever been in (and I have been to SanFran and Boston).   We had fun shooting, but it wasn’t long before we were kicked out by security.  However, I have to say the security guy was super chill and wasn’t rude to us.  Thank You Dart.  There needs to be more people like him.  The security guy told me next time I should contact Dart and get permission to shoot at that location. Noted. 

For Alexis she, I, and Jazzy have been trying to link up for a minute now.  Alexis is one of the smartest, most humble, and beautiful Dallas models in the game right now.  If you have the opportunity to work with her, do it.  For Alexis I wanted to do something EPIC.  Something different.  Something Dallas iconic.  Then I thought… how about the Uptown Trolley.   Instead of shooting guerrilla style like I had planned.  I took the advice from the Dart security guy from the week before and called the McKinney Avenue Transit.  Like my father always said, “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed”.  I spoke to an incredibly nice woman who was more than happy to help us out.  She pulled out one of the most beautiful Trolley in their lineup, Rosie.  Rosie was a PERFECT fit for this project.  I love the ‘20’s burgundy interior and old wood grain.  You could tell she was a beauty back in her hay day.  When we arrived on Sunday the nicest conductor helped us out, Joe (it probably helped that Alexis is a certified 10).  I made sure I limited the shoot to 30 minutes and he stayed outside, blocked traffic, and any peepers and creepers… hey it may be Uptown, but it’s still Dallas.  I really want EVERYONE to take the time to like the McKinney Ave Transit Facebook page and if you live in the area take a ride.  It’s free!

Of course only one photo of each girl could show up in the magazine, but I wanted to give you guys more pictures of them on the blog.

  • Dart Underground:
  • Model:  Elaine
  • MUA: Gianna Della Serra
  • Styling: Me, Korin
  • Swimsuit: American Apparel


  • McKinney Trolley
  • Model: Alexis
  • MUA: Jazzy Baptiste
  • Style: Me, Korin
  • Bikini: American Appareal


Also, right now I have a boudoir special going on.  From now until July 27th I will be having a 25% off all my sessions!  If you are interested please contact me ASAP before this offer expiries!


Happy Tuesday!




Swimsuit Shoot at the M-Line Trolley In Dallas

A Dallas Boudoir Blog

I’m going to start doing all my blogging Tuesday and Thursdays!  I’m highly considering creating vlogs when I get a second camera… but I really don’t know if I can see myself making vlogs.  You know how some people hate the sound of their voices?  Well, I’m one of those people.  However, we will see.

I love Sundays.  Mainly because I use Sundays as the days I do my personal work.  I was commissioned by a local Dallas magazine to be one of the photographers for their June swimsuit issue.  Last week I shot a beautiful model named Elaine and this week I hosted a session with Alexis. 

Alexis and I have been trying to work together for the longest time, but you know… life gets in the way. Well, she saw that I had an ad needing models for this project and she sent a message directly asking if she could be a part of this unique assignment.  So of course I said yes! 

While I can’t show you guys the final photos as of right now I wanted to showcase behind scenes pictures of what happened that day. 

I worked with the infamous Dallas Make-Up Artist Jazzy Baptiste for this project.  I spoke to the operation staff for the M-Line Trolley and they agreed to pull out Rosie for our shoot.  Rosie is a GORGEOUS Victorian style trolley.  The seats are a luscious burgundy backed with beautiful wood.  The trolley is actual runs on full electricity!  Alexis even rang the trolley bell at the end of the shoot.  Joe, who is part of the M-Line family, let us shoot for 30 minutes.  While shooting he was nice enough to monitor traffic.  I want everyone to take the time to LIKE the M-Line Trolley Facebook page.  He highly requested it since he’s the one who runs it!  So please like HERE!

The photos show Jazzy putting the finishing touches on our girl Alexis on location. 

Here are some instagram photos of me hard at work! 

The last photo is probably one of the few sneak peeks I will be giving people before the magazine gets published. 

So I hope you guys like these behind the scenes photos of this swimsuit shoot we did.  My goal was to make it both high fashioned and sexy. 

Happy Thursday!


Wonderland Boudoir of Dallas

Hello everyone and thank you so much for visiting Wonderland Boudoir!

My name is Korin and I will be your awesome female boudoir photographer.  I have been shooting for the last 16 years and about two years ago I decided to go pro.  I would shoot all sorts of sessions… weddings, engagements, seniors, babies, children, and headshots.  However, from the past two years I feel as though I work better one-on-one with my clients.

 I love boudoir because as a woman you want to feel beautiful inside and out.  While male photographers may feel like they can shoot you based on what a man wants to see.  A woman photographer will shoot you based on the sexual inner beauty and being able to bring that out while maintaining photos that can be look back on with pride for many years. 

Boudoir photography is an investment and it’s one worth making.

I will be updating the blog at least 2-3 times a week with current work.  If you like to book a session with Wonderland Boudoir please email me at info@urbanjunglephoto.com.

Stay tuned to the blog for current specials!

I look forward to meeting with you!